Understanding the types and sizes of storage units

Understanding the types and sizes of storage units

A storage unit is a space you can rent to stock and safeguard your possessions. These units come in different shapes and sizes for personal and commercial use. In exchange for space, the provider charges a monthly rental for both short-term and long-term storage. There are many benefits of renting a storage unit; it helps reduce home and office clutter, provides additional security at the location, protects your belongings from the harsh weather, and offers insurance for any theft or damage.

Storage spaces can be bifurcated depending on the type of vendor and facility.

  • Self-storage units
    These spaces are your most basic and popular form of storage. You can rent them to reclaim space in your bedroom or closet and hold on to the important things that you don’t want to get rid of right away. Self-storage spaces help you declutter and make room for more furniture and necessities that you might need. The extra space helps you prepare for someone who is moving in or make space for an elderly in the family who needs care. Extra Space Storage, U-Haul, Public Storage, and CubeSmart are the top self-storage facilities in the country. Rental ranges from around $20/month for small units going upwards of $300/month for extra-large and special units.

  • Climate-controlled units
    Perishable goods need cold storage, and there are several climate-controlled options you can explore in your city. Extra Space Storage is the best provider in terms of security, while Public Storage offers multiple locations that have climate-controlled units. CubeSmart is a more budget-friendly option, and U-Haul provides 24-hour access to the unit. Life Storage is highly ranked among the top providers when it comes to a variety of temperature controlled units. For a specific quote, you can contact any one of these vendors. For example, in Orlando, Public Storage charges rent in the range of $66 to $140 for 5’x5′ units and 8’x10′ units.

  • Vehicle storage
    If you don’t have another garage space or need a place to park your vehicle while you travel, rent a parking space with any one of the top providers in the country. You can rent a closed or open lot to park two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and semi rigs like RVs while you are away. Extra Space Storage, Access Storage, Life Storage, and SpareFoot are among the country’s popular vehicle storage facilities. Note that the pricing and plans will vary according to the type of unit you pick, so contact the vendor directly to ask for a quote. For example, a 40′ Life Storage outdoor uncovered vehicle storage in Torrance, California, will cost approximately $375/month.

  • Business units
    Being a business owner is challenging enough, minus the headache of managing space in your office. The alternative is to rent commercial business units to store most things. This way, you can avoid paying for expensive real estate at the premises. Commercial units come with easy access, with no long term commitments, and offer flexible plans. From office supplies to heavy vehicles, these business units provide the perfect and cost-effective storage solution. Business units are further classified into paper, office equipment, and sales storage. Depending on the type of unit, you can contact vendors directly and ask for a quote as most providers offer custom pricing.

Different sizes of storage units – Which one should you pick?

For the aforementioned types of units, the following sizes are available with providers across the country. Here you’ll understand how much area is actually necessary depending on the factors we highlight.

Small 5’x5′ and 5’x10′ spaces

Small storage units are great for storing boxes, small furniture, and selective contents of a single room. The 5’x5′ unit is similar to a large closet that can easily make room for chairs, desks, bookshelves, lamps, and other compact home or office furniture. The 5’x10′ unit is almost the size of a room and can keep your sofa, dining table, and other bedroom or kitchen furniture. It’s an affordable and ideal size, especially when you plan to relocate and need temporary space to accommodate your things.

Medium 5’x15′ and 10’x10′ spaces

Medium double room and triple room storage spaces offer a whopping 75 and 100 square feet area. These units can make space for almost all the furniture contained within two or three bedrooms. If you are planning to renovate your home or are going away on a long overseas trip, these storage units are ideal to shift all your belongings and valuables. Military personnel being deployed abroad can also benefit from these storage units with long term rental.

Large 10’x15′, 10’x20′ and 10’x25′ spaces

You can fit the entire contents of your three or more bedroom home in any one of these units. With a massive 250 square feet area for the larger unit, space should be the least of your worries. The cost of storing and shifting your furniture will be less than investing in new office equipment at the new address. It’s important to note that these units are expensive to rent even for a short period.

Extra-large 20′, 35′, and 50′ spaces
Extra-large units feature enclosed, fully covered, and uncovered units for motorcycles, cars, ATV’s and even small trucks. Those in the haulage business can park their unused vehicles in these units, focusing on the job in hand while driving their other rig. Deep storage spaces that offer 50′ capacity allow you to park your RV with some room to spare.