Top DNA test kits on sale this Black Friday

Top DNA test kits on sale this Black Friday

The Black Friday sale is not only for gadgets, home décor, and appliances but discounts are also offered for finding ethnic roots using DNA test kits. These kits have proven to be helpful in tracking down lineage that dates back 5000 years. So, if you’re looking to rediscover and explore your connections, here are some of the best deals on DNA kits available this Black Friday.

It is one of the top brands for DNA testing kits that can be used to effectively track down your lineage. Thorough reports by Ancestry® help provide information through historical context. With a massive database of around 18 million customers, the odds of finding successful matches for seeking distant cousins and even biological parents are great.

This Black Friday, AncestryDNA® and AncestryHealth® test kits are available at around $40% off on the official website. The kit helps find DNA matches and ethnicity from over 1000 regions and provides information on 25+ traits shared with people from different regions of the world. The is available at a discount of $60 and 3-months World Explorer Membership for just $1 that lets you gain full access to over 3 billion international records to help you track your family’s journey across continents. Black Friday deals on AncestryDNA test kits are also available on shopping portals like Amazon.

23andMe has a considerably large database of 10 million customers. And their test kits offer myriad reports, charts, and detailed documents that help track the migration of both maternal and paternal lines. As an add-on service, 23andMe also provides information on potential health indicators that can help you find the level of vulnerability towards certain health conditions.

This Black Friday, 23andMe is offering a $20 discount on its DNA test kits that help in discover traits of your DNA from over 2000 regions worldwide. The kit also provides a trait report that enables you to learn how DNA influences facial features, taste preferences, etc. And that’s not all, 23andMe helps in finding maternal and paternal traces from more than 1000 years ago and even discover how much neanderthal DNA is inherited.

FamilyTreeDNA provides extensive and comprehensive DNA test kits to track ethnicity and provide other ancestral information. It helps in tracking ethnic origins with geographical maps and accurate percentages. It also helps in finding paternal and maternal lineages through migration maps and provides insights on DNA share with ancient European groups.

FamilyTreeDNA is offering a discount of around $20 on Family Finder that helps in discovering ethnic and geographic origins and lets you join one of the largest DNA databases. The paternal ancestry DNA, or Y-DNA, kit is also available at a $20 discount. The kit helps trace surname history, finds matches from the world’s largest DNA database, and lets you participate in free genealogical research projects. There are two packages in Y-DNA kits: While Y-37 examines 37 properties of the Y-chromosome, the Y-111 examines 111 properties. The Y-111 kit is available at a discount of $50.

The mtDNA test kit helps in tracing the maternal line with the help of FamilyTreeDNA’s largest database. They also provide you with an exclusive sequence video that provides information through a creative story of maternal ancestry. The mtDNA kit is present at a $20 discount on FamilyTreeDNA’s website.

MyHeritage is another brand that lets you explore your ethnic origins and find unknown relatives. Their DNA test kits provide information about geographical origination. MyHeritage is one of the oldest organizations that has helped over 50 million users find their ethnic origins. Their DNA test kits have great accuracy as they have more than 10 billion historical records and have traced 4.2 billion people in family trees. Black Friday deals on MyHeritage DNA test kits at a limited-time discount of around $20.