Top 4 home security systems that offer comprehensive protection

Top 4 home security systems that offer comprehensive protection

Home security systems are a necessity. Statistics show that homeowners report a burglary every 13 seconds in the country. That adds up to over 2 million cases of theft and forced entry every year. A maximum percentage of these thefts happen in broad daylight. It is the ideal time for burglars as by the time someone alerts the authorities, they have plenty of time to escape.

Home security systems actively protect and monitor the premises 24/7 and send out timely alerts to the nearest authorities. There are many brands and providers in the country, and choosing the top one should be your priority. However, before we analyze the top four home security systems, let us understand how you should pick one.

Choosing home security systems – points to consider
In the event of a security breach, the system should be equipped to alert nearby authorities. Advanced systems also have audiovisual recording for proof of a break-in. Some other points to consider include:

24/7 support
Support should be available 24/7. It has been observed that most break-ins and thefts happen during the day, especially in the suburbs where the entire family is out for the day. As a result, it is imperative to install a security system with call back support.

Types of monitoring
When you pay top dollar, ensure the system is equipped with multiple types of monitoring. These include alerts for active theft monitoring, fire and water hazard alerts, and smash protection in case intruders try to damage the central control panel.

Smart doors and locks
Doorbell cameras, motion-activated sensors, two-way audio for conversation, and remote door or window locks are some essentials to look for in smart home security systems.

Wireless connectivity
Premium systems feature cameras, audio recording devices, and smart door and window locks that can be synched and accessed with your smartphone app. These devices communicate in real-time, giving you live updates on-the-go.

The four top home security systems in the country:

ADT includes video doorbells, smart wireless locks, and a range of camera and video surveillance devices that monitor activity 24/7. Most devices record in HD and are automatically activated with motion detection. Even the smart locks can be engaged and disengaged remotely. Basic protection include doors, windows, and motion sensors that can all be controlled with the central console. For quick alerts, a high decibel siren and pocket-friendly panic button alerts the nearest authorities. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors, wet switch flood detectors, and heat-sensing smoke detectors monitor any abnormalities and alert the ADT support staff. The garage door sensors and a wireless keychain remote enable you to arm and disarm key systems remotely. All these devices can be with the ADT Pulse app. You can contact the vendor directly for a service quote that will include both the equipment and service costs. Note that plans start at $35.99/month for basic services. Add-ons may be charged separately depending on the type of features you select. However, ADT does feature a 6-month money-back and a $500 theft-protection guarantee.

Vivint explores three ways to control your home security system with the smart hub control panel, smartphone app, and voice-controlled home automation devices, like Google Home. The system features a smart mix of automation and sophistication to protect your home. The Doorbell Camera Pro records activities at the front door and notifies you of any movement. You will no longer have to worry about your packages getting stolen as the doorbell immediately sounds the siren. The Kwikset Smartlock is a convenient keyless option that secures the front door with a smart combination keypad. It also controls the lights and security devices connected remotely with the one-touch lockup. For active surveillance and protection, Vivint also features an exclusive range of outdoor and ping cameras that can be controlled remotely. Also another interesting feature, apart from 24/7 home monitoring, is an active thermostat that maintains a uniform temperature indoors. All in all, Vivint offers smart and comprehensive protection for an affordable package with plans starting at about $29.99/month. Vivint, unfortunately, does not feature a trial with a money-back guarantee.

Brinks gives you tailor-made security solutions at affordable prices, which makes it one of the top services. The vendor primarily offers four types of installations for home security, namely Smart Security Ultimate, Smart Security Complete, Smart Security Essential, and Nest Secure. The installations cover all the basic systems for protection and monitoring. These include cellular backup, tamper protection, home automation, live voice assist and streaming, cloud storage, and 24/7 monitoring. Apart from security services, one of the key highlights of Brinks is customer satisfaction. The brand is an industry leader when it comes to servicing the needs of customers in every possible way. Moreover, the flexible and transparent pricing options help make an easy choice and customize add-ons accordingly. Brinks offers a 30-day trial period and when you purchase the system, the service features a 2-year warranty for products inclusive of the package you choose. Packages start at about $29/month for basic protection.

Frontpoint Security
Frontpoint is another great affordable alternative to consider as the service offers two flexible plans for different property types (home or apartment). The DIY installation makes it one of the popular services to consider. Moreover, there is no need to hire and pay for technical support for the initial setup. The wireless devices are equipped to run on both cellular and a Wi-Fi connection so you can always stay online and monitor the house. Its key features include automated system checks, crash and smash protection, geolocation services, remote access and control, motion sensors, live video streaming, smart lock, and light control. Frontpoint does offer a 100% risk-free trial for you to test. Basic packages start at $34.99/month.