Tips to Select Extra Wide Shoes

Tips to Select Extra Wide Shoes

Good footwear is all about the perfect mix of style and comfort. They add charm and elegance to your dressing. For people who need extra wide shoes, the search to find that perfect match to your party dress or a comfortable fit for outdoor activities might be a tiresome task. Don’t be disheartened as there are many options for specialized footwear!

Getting a good pair is a matter of browsing through one of the many specialized online stores that sell a large range of such shoes. Here are some tips on finding the best extra wide shoes that suit your needs.

Finding the right fit

We can imagine a situation in which your shoe size is halfway between 40 and 41, and you are frustrated that you cannot find the right fit for you. Simply choosing a larger size doesn’t solve the problem because a larger size tends to go up in the length of the feet and the width remains more or less the same according to standard specifications. Sometimes, unable to find the right pair, people with wide and big feet tend to compromise and go for options from the regular range. This can be dangerous for long-term health reasons.

Why you need extra wide shoes

Wearing regular footwear instead of extra wide shoes is uncomfortable. It can cause terrible, painful shoe bites, heel injuries, and affect the overall posture of the body. Long-term use of the wrong footwear can take its toll on the knees and the back. If you have arthritis, the consequences may be especially painful.

Don’t compromise anymore and head out to find the perfect pair of extra wide shoes for yourself. While looking at this range, don’t just be satisfied with the size factor. You have can have these shoes of great quality genuine leather, which is great for people with sensitive skin.

Shoes for special conditions

People who suffer from bunions, diabetes, edema, or hammer toes also benefit from using extra wide shoes. People with edema have frequent swelling and need comfortable, large sized shoes. Those with diabetes cannot risk even small wounds or gnashes due to shoe bites and need absolutely comfortable footwear with enough room to avoid such instances.

Ergonomically designed shoes can also go a long way in enhancing walking comfort and posture. Orthopedics can guide you in the right direction in your quest to find the right pair of extra wide shoes.

Getting the measurement right

If you are unsure of the measurements you see online and are confused about your shoe size, there is a simple way to check your shoe size at home. Trace both the feet separately on a paper. Measure the length and width in inches. If the sizing of both the feet differs, go with the one that is larger. First, select the shoes based on the length; if your shoe size falls between two retail sizes, go for the larger one. If your feet width is more, then choose from a range of extra wide shoes.

Depth of shoes

You will be surprised how many options you have at stores. When you are trying new extra wide shoes, check if the toes feel free and comfortable. It is not about the width of the feet, but the overall shape, some people feel uncomfortable because their toes need more room. The right extra-deep options are also available in many extra wide shoes. So, you can choose the perfect shoes for yourself from hundreds of designs and fits for casual occasions, parties, office, or sports.

Many shops to select from

Online retailers like the orthotic shop have a great range of stylish and comfortable range of extra wide shoes. Other popular options are the,, and In fact, many online stores also offer a special range. Great discounts are also regularly announced on these products.