Tips to get amazing mattress deals on the 4th of July

Tips to get amazing mattress deals on the 4th of July

It’s 2020, and there’s nothing like kicking off the 4th of July with some great discounts and deals, especially those on household necessities like mattresses! You may not realize it now, but a mattress is one of the essential things in life. Think about it. Where do you go after a long day of work when you’re tired? That’s right; you go to your bed and the mattress on it. Statistics have shown that adults usually spend approximately 100 days on their mattresses.

So, if you’ve been losing sleep over splurging on that mattress, which is way out of your budget, here are some tips on getting those 4th of July mattress deals.

Do you need a new mattress?

Before we get to the 4th of July mattress deals, let’s check if you need a new mattress.

This begins by asking the question, “How old is your current mattress?” If the mattress is older than eight years, you might want to get a new one. But, it is also important to note that not all eight-year-old mattresses need to be discarded. Latex beds can last around 12 years, whereas memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses can last about 10 years. Any other kind of mattress should be replaced.

This brings us to the next question: “Is the mattress affecting your ability to sleep or troubling your sleep patterns?” If the answer is that the mattress is disturbing your sleep, causing you to wake up in pain, or making you feel tired, then it’s time to change it, irrespective of the type of mattress you have.

Choosing a mattress

There are different types of mattresses that would be available on deals on the 4th of July. You need to choose from these depending on your personal preference and budget. But, to make it easier, here are some commonly available ones.

  • Latex
    Latex mattresses are made from a latex foam that has cooling properties and offers a whole lot of comfort. These mattresses come with excellent responsiveness and bounce, which is good for individuals who want foam mattresses but dislike memory forms.
  • Memory foam
    Memory foam mattresses are also known as the hug and contour mattresses. They offer support and relieve pressure. Unfortunately, due to their hug and contour mechanism, they are predominantly known as sleeping hot mattresses. But, the latest designs do have cooling properties.
  • Coils
    A coil mattress is one of the most commonly used mattresses in the world. These are made of multiple layers of spring coils used to provide support and comfort to the individual. The more the number of springs, the better the comfort.
  • Pillow-top
    Pillow tops can be of latex, coil, or memory foam. The mattresses have a cushion sewed at the head of the bed, which contributes to additional cushioning and provides support to the individual resting on the bed. These beddings give that dash of extra support.
  • Hybrids
    Hybrid mattresses are made by combining memory foam, latex, coils, and other materials. An individual can choose a hybrid, which may likely be a combination of the advantages of all the bedding materials mentioned above. One can select a combination according to their requirements.
  • Adjustable
    Adjustable mattresses are mattresses that can be moved to alter the position of the sleeping. The feet and head of the mattress can be elevated. Such specific requirements are usually made for medical conditions.

Tips for buying a mattress at a great deal

  • Decide on a budget
    Once all this is done, it is vital to settle on a budget when purchasing a mattress. Store-bought mattresses are usually much more expensive than those purchased online. It is also important to note that more money does not guarantee a better and more comfortable mattress. Try keeping at least $1,000 in hand.
  • Don’t go for super cheap
    Even though money does not always equate quality, too little money might compromise quality. Anything less than $500 means you’re skimping on your sleep, health, and comfort.
  • Check the brand websites
    It’s festival time and is one of the best times to shop. Brands will be slashing prices, and offering discounts left and right. So, if you want a great deal, check out the websites of brands, such as Allswell, Bear Mattress, Charles P. Rogers, GhostBed, Helix Sleep, and Tulo. You’re bound to grab a luxury bed at a reasonable price. All you need to do is look for the 4th of July mattress deals.
  • Get those coupons
    Using websites, such as Coupons and Groupons, will help you get great offers and discounts on mattresses. Again, all you got to do is look. Around this time, these sites should have special 4th of July deals on mattresses.

Happy shopping and happy 4th of July!