The Best Smartphone Deals You Can Get Right Now

The Best Smartphone Deals You Can Get Right Now

Locked smartphones or unlocked smartphones? That is the question! While some people benefit greatly from locked smartphones, others choose unlocked smartphones. Unlocked smartphones are a better choice in many ways. An increasing number of people are opting for unlocked smartphones now. Following are the reasons why you might want to consider getting an unlocked smartphone instead of a locked version of a smartphone.

You will have more options in terms of networks to choose from. This stems from the fact that you won’t be tied to a particular wireless carrier. This helps you choose the network according to your budget and requirement. Additionally, you can change your network according to the better one in your area.

You will be able to use all the features of the unlocked smartphone. One huge drawback of locked smartphones is that they are pre-programmed by a service provider and some features are unusable. This is never the case with unlocked smartphones. You will be able to explore the full potential of the smartphone.

You will be saved from apps provided by the carrier that you might never even use. This type of bloatware only takes up space on your smartphone without proving to be useful. You cannot even delete the apps if you wish to. Locked smartphones give you more liberty about which apps to download and use.

You will be able to save more money in the long run. At first, it might seem like you are spending more for an unlocked phone since you have to pay more at one go. However, when you consider the ‘no contract’ factor and the fact that you can use SIMs, you will realize that you get to save more.

You won’t have to pay for hefty roaming charges. These are the worst if you are a frequent traveler as you have to spend a fortune on calls and messages. You can save on roaming charges when you choose an unlocked phone. You will simply be able to purchase a local SIM and pay local charges for your calls.

You have more freedom to choose networks when you choose an unlocked smartphone. As the phone will not be tied to work on only one network, you can switch to another network when you deem fit. You won’t need to waste your time waiting for a contract to come to an end before changing plans.
Some amazing smartphone deals in the country for unlocked cell phones are mentioned below.

Here are four smartphone deals of unlocked smartphones that will help you save more:

Kodak Ektra

This 32GB smartphone is among the best smartphone deals with 4K video capture. It costs around $119.99 at a discount of $280 on B&H. The back camera is 21MP while the front camera is 13MP.

Sony Xperia X Dual SIM

Smartphone deals on these dual SIM phones by Sony let you save $160 and come with a price tag of approximately $239.99. You can avail the discount on B&H. The phone has a 23MP back camera and 13MP front camera.

Essential Phone

This is a relatively new phone but with great performance and battery. It costs around $449.99 after discount. You save $249.01 when you get it on Amazon smartphone deals. The phone has one of the sleekest cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S7

This smartphone costs around $399 after a discount of $200 has been applied to it through smartphone deals. You can avail this discount on Amazon. The smartphone is one of the best in terms of battery and performance.

You need to be on the lookout for the latest deals as new deals come up practically every day! If you are looking for maximum discounts on unlocked smartphones then visit trusted online websites. Comparing prices across websites can be helpful too. There are many websites that give you amazing deals which help you save hundreds of dollars on a smartphone purchase. You can find more unlocked smartphone deals on eBay, Amazon, Apple and other authorized retailers.