Save More with SafeLink Wireless Phones

Save More with SafeLink Wireless Phones

SafeLink Wireless is one of the most popular phone service providers in the country for people who want to save money. Its services are aimed at low-income groups or for those who are really striving hard to control their mobile usage and bring down their expensive bill cycles. Here are some benefits of using SafeLink phones.

Lifeline program

SafeLink offers a Lifeline service. This service gives qualifying customers certain monthly discounts. The Lifeline program is very helpful to low-income consumers. Since 1984, the program has offered affordable phone service to low-income consumers. Each state has different guidelines to enroll for the Lifeline offer. To qualify for Lifeline, subscribers must meet several criteria which are listed online.

Easy switch from another phone

Switching to SafeLink from other services is super simple. There is very little effort you have to put in if you want to start your savings journey right away! What’s more, SafeLink also gives you a chance to keep your existing phone number! These services are also available for people registered with various federal assistance programs. The conditions/eligibility requirements differ from state to state.

Only prepaid, no contracts

Users can get a free a SafeLink Wireless cell phone or SIM card. Moreover, there is an assurance that users can use an exclusively prepaid facility. So, there are no bills and no contracts, unlike other service providers. One of the biggest reasons people don’t change to competitive service providers is because they have to take a long-term contract mandatorily.

With SafeLink, there is no obligation to enter into a contract/prepaid facility, which also helps consumers pay exactly for what they need. Bill cycles, confusing bill break-ups, and unexpectedly high payments due to unrestricted use are automatically removed from the equation when you use SafeLink phones.

A wide range of SafeLink phones

These days, people cannot do without the Internet and use at least a minimum amount of data while on the go. Phones provided by SafeLink Wireless may not have all the features you want; however, this should not be a reason to keep you from enjoying the service. SafeLink also operates on a number of smartphones that are compatible with the service they provide. There are some excellent SafeLink phone options to choose from.

SafeLink-compatible phones are user-friendly and come with huge discounts as well. According to information shared by users, Apple iPhone is the greatest brand smartphone in the world. If you have a few extra dollars, you can subscribe to the iPhone 6 LTE smartphone. SafeLink has offered huge discounts on celebrated brands like Apple. Other SafeLink phones are also available. The discounts can easily be claimed at your nearest SafeLink shop.

Great brands

There are some great phone brands to choose from. Paying less for calls and availing discounts or being part of the Lifeline program doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the ease and comfort of smartphones. What’s more, SafeLink Smartphones from brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Alcatel are available at highly discounted rates at SafeLink stores. Let us look at some of the most popular models for 2018 according to users.

Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE

This is the perfect choice for Android lovers and is compatible with the service. This is a steal for people who need to save up money and have basic mobile Internet requirements.


The HTC One M9 LTE has convenient features, great looks, and is pocket-friendly.

Alcatel Ideal LTE

This SafeLink phone is ideal for low-income groups or for those who use very little Internet data. In spite of its super cheap price, the phone has good features, is sturdy, and allows you access to the Internet.

LG Google Nexus

The brand speaks for itself. It is reliable, sturdy, sports an excellent design, and is affordable. This phone makes for a smooth browsing experience and has user-friendly features. It remains one of the popular SafeLink phone choices.