Samsung Galaxy smartphones – Great deals to check out right now

Samsung Galaxy smartphones – Great deals to check out right now

Samsung has been the market leader for Android smartphones for years now, and the brand rolls out new flagships every year. Samsung released its new Galaxy S20 line up in February this year, along with the outstanding Galaxy Z Flip. But if you don’t want to splurge on this latest flagship, you can always consider purchasing the less recent ones. Buying older flagships when new ones roll out is a brilliant way to get good discounts. You can also grab great Galaxy phone deals if you purchase the phone on a monthly payment plan when switching to a new carrier. If you’re looking to buy Samsung Galaxy devices at the best prices, you’ve come to the right place.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 line is 5G enabled, and it comprises two standard models: Galaxy S20 and S20+, along with a high-end premium device—the Galaxy S20 Ultra. All the three variants have the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, 12GB RAM (S20 Ultra features a 16GB model as well), 128GB internal storage (along with 512GB options for S20+ and S20 Ultra) with microSD support, AMOLED displays ranging from 6.2 to 6.9 inches, and IP68 rating. Although both S20 and S20+ have excellent cameras, the camera specs of the S20 Ultra are unrivaled. The Ultra is equipped with a quadruple-camera with a 12MP Ultra Wide-angle lens, a 108MP Wide-angle lens, a 48MP telephoto camera lens, and a DepthVision camera lens.

The best way to get good Galaxy phone deals right now is to look for offers from carriers, sign-up promos, and buy one, get one rebate. Here are two great deals if you’re looking to buy a Galaxy S20 phone:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra: You can get up to $500 instant trade-in credit from Samsung’s official website.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra (AT&T): You can save up to $700 with qualified activation and trade-in from

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Not many people expected to see another flip phone from Samsung, but the brand has surprised us yet again. Along with the latest S20 line, Samsung launched the fascinating new Galaxy Z Flip to compete in the market of flip phones. The Galaxy Z Flip is not a big phone, but the display is as big as that of standard smartphones available today; it has a 6.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen. It feels much like a regular phone when unfolded as the width is similar, but the Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with a bunch of great features and an excellent camera setup, as is expected from Samsung. However, unlike the S20, the Z Flip is powered by a Snapdragon 855+ chipset and comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage, and it has no memory card slot.

Similar to the Galaxy S20 line, your best chance to get a deal on the Galaxy Z Flip phone is through trade-in from a carrier or directly from Samsung:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB: You can get it for $880 with eligible trade-in. The offer right now gives you $500 instant credit for your trade-in from Samsung’s official website.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB (AT&T): You can get up to $700 off via bill credits with port-in from AT&T’s official website.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e

The Galaxy S10 series is the next best option for you if you don’t want to spend big bucks on the S20 series. Launched just last year, Samsung celebrated its 10th anniversary of the Galaxy line with the release of two flagships: S10 and S10+, which is slightly larger than the S10. The company also launched a third, less-expensive version for budget-minded Samsung users—the S10e, which turned out to be a great competitor of Google’s Pixel 3a and the Apple iPhone 11. At the beginning of this year, Samsung added another new phone to the tenth generation lineup—the Galaxy S10 Lite. It’s a huge phone, similar to the size of Galaxy Note 10, and is available at approximately the price of the S10e.

It was difficult to get good deals on the Galaxy S10 smartphone lineup last year, and people mostly made purchases through carrier rebates and offers for new customers signing up. However, now that Samsung has launched three new Galaxy phones in the unpacked event in February, buyers can expect to get great Galaxy phone deals on the S10, S10 Plus, and S10e. Here are three amazing deals you might want to look at if you’re considering buying any variant of the S10:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB: You can get the phone for $600 with activation from, and you can select a carrier while buying.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB: The phone is available for $550 with activation from, and you can choose a carrier from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 Lite, and S10 Plus: You can trade-in and get instant credit of $250 or more from Samsung’s official website.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

This is a great time to get yourself a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus as the then-flagships are more than 2 years old now. Having said that, the phones are not exactly outdated. Samsung has smartly packed both the phones with the latest chipset, along with modern design and tech available at that time, so the series stands strong in the market even today. Powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset (which is not very old), the S9 features a display size of 5.8 inches, and S9+ has a 6.2 inches long display.

Considering the specs and the price you’ll be paying for the Galaxy S9, you can rest assured that the smartphone is still pretty solid. If you’re a hardcore Samsung fan, you must not miss out on the Galaxy phone deals for the S9 and S9 Plus. Here are three greatest bargains you can make for the Galaxy S9 right now:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB (Unlocked): You can purchase the phone for $450 with activation from
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB (Unlocked, Amazon Renewed): You can get the renewed phone for just $280 from Amazon.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB (Unlocked): You get to buy a new phone for $500 from Amazon.

Apart from these, you can look for deals on other popular Samsung Galaxy phones like the Note, S8, and A and J series. It is recommended that you look for the offers on the carrier’s website (Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint), check out for deals on Amazon, or visit Samsung’s official website to get good prices.