Popular home security systems in 2020

Popular home security systems in 2020

The Internet of things has made life easy and exciting. A couple of decades ago we could not imagine a life where devices could be controlled with gestures and sounds. Now, we can remotely control the lights, door locks, thermostats, lawnmowers, and more with the help of apps. Another big advantage of home security systems, against any other gadget, is that they can be customized to a great extent based on an individual’s preferences.

With home security systems, you have the option of monitoring the system on your own or getting a professional surveillance team. The team then establishes contact with the police and fire department when the alarms are triggered.

Let’s take a look at the most technologically advanced home security systems available in 2020.

ADT Pulse

ADT has been one of the best home security organizations for more than 140 years, and nothing can beat the company when it comes to experience. The company’s ADT Pulse lives up to its name as it has some great features. Some of the pros of ADT Pulse include knowledgeable customer service representatives and easily available components. Owing to good customer feedback and reliable product quality, ADT Pulse is more expensive than most company’s. The products by ADT also offer support for most popular third-party devices that are necessary for a smart home. The app experience is also seamless.

Vivint Smart Home

This newcomer has taken users and reviewers by surprise due to its quality and user-friendly features. This is popular because it allows you to combine home security with home automation seamlessly. You can use this to perform multiple functions, from turning up the heat to opening the garage door.

Some of the advantages of Vivint include the use of high-end technology and equipment. Apart from this, you also get a short-term contract in case you won’t be using this in one particular location for long. Other added incentives include free in-home consultation and a highly rated mobile app. Some negative points that come with Vivint Smart Home include high overall cost, steep termination fees, and a higher cost for short-term contracts.


This company has redefined the home security industry. It does not have any sales professionals, and you have the liberty to choose the equipment you wish to use along with the level of monitoring. The equipment is stylish and extremely easy to set up. The most popular feature of SimpliSafe is that you don’t need to sign a contract. The other pros of using a SimpliSafe Home Security System include a 60-day money-back guarantee, which allows customers to first use it and then purchase it. There are also some exciting options for renters as well as customizable plans and equipment. However, all of this comes at a higher up-front cost. Also, the options for outdoor cameras with SimpliSafe are limited. Thus, it is not a preferred home security system for people who have large houses or properties.

Ring Alarm Security Kit

This is one of the most affordable home security systems. It gives customers a DIY package. The system is easy to install and provides professional monitoring, despite the monthly cost being way less when compared to its competitors. However, the device cannot be interoperated with Ring Cameras and third-party devices.

The siren is loud and you are not going to miss it even if you are far from the receiver. Also, it supports multiple wireless platforms, which adds to the ease of using it. However, there are some cons, too. The integration with other devices is limited and it has large contact sensors, which do not look too appealing. The Ring Alarm Security Kit also does not support the “If This Then That” Technology (IFTTT), which is another problem you might face.

Honeywell Smart Home Security Starter Kit

This is another DIY home security system that comes without a subscription. In this, professional monitoring is not available. The Honeywell Smart Home Security Kit comes with Amazon Alexa service, motion detection, face recognition, and a built-in 1080p camera, along with some other components. Some of the advantages of using this system are that it is easy to install and comes with a built-in Alexa voice service. As opposed to the Ring Alarm Security System, this supports IFTTT applets. It also has face recognition, though it is limited to only two faces for two hours a day at the moment.

Protect America

Protect America has attempted to make home security systems affordable so that nearly every household in the country can afford it. There are multiple connection options, which makes it fit for different kinds of households. It offers standard monitoring with the help of a landline. Thus, the cost is kept to a minimum, which takes home security systems to people living in rural areas as well. People who do not have access to cellular signals can make the most of it. Another advantage is that you have an option to lock in your rate. This means that until you do not interrupt or cancel your plan, the monitoring cost will not rise.

While the most economic package requires a landline, the higher package details can be a little confusing for some. However, if you dwell a little into it and understand them well, you have multiple packages to choose from. Most of the companies have a customer-friendly policy and you get access to three monitoring options. If you sign a 36-month contract, the company claims to swap any defective item with a new one. Thus, it is one of the best warranty policies you get from different home security system companies. The most economical package comes at approximately $5 per week if you calculate over 36 months.