Hunting for the Cheapest Tires Online? Keep These Things in Mind

Hunting for the Cheapest Tires Online? Keep These Things in Mind

Buying the cheapest tires online ensures that while you get the best product for your vehicle, you also save up on some money. The perfect tire depends on a lot of factors and if you ensure that these factors are fulfilled then you are sure to have a smooth and comfortable ride while saving some money on the side! However, in your excitement to save some money, you may make some serious mistakes. There are also ways in which you can find some very legitimate deals on quality tires. In this article, we’ll discuss all of that and more!

Settling for the cheapest tires online? Think again

It’s an obvious fact that if you buy the cheapest set of tires online, you can only expect a low ride quality, low fuel efficiency, and even worse traction. So remain aware of the tradeoff that you may sometimes end up making when you buy the cheapest tires online. Some of these tires may not even last their entire warranty period. The only time when it may make sense for you to settle for the cheapest tires online (we don’t mean high-quality tires at a low price, we mean bad quality tires at a low price), is when you are looking to sell your car in the very near future. If you are looking to use the car yourself after buying the tires, quality is an important factor to consider. This is where deal hunting and discounts come into the picture.

Used tires may be the cheapest tires online, but don’t settle for them

Although used tires are among the cheapest tires online these days, try to stay clear of them for your own safety. When you buy used tires, you never really know what you are putting on your wheels. You cannot tell how much the tires have run in the past, the condition of the rubber internally, or when they may just explode when you are driving. Some sellers may boast that they sell the cheapest tires online, but when you check again, you’ll see they are selling used tires. Keep and eye out and know what you’re settling for in these cases.

Use price comparison tools online

There are a variety of tools on the web that will compare the prices of tires from different websites and help you identify which is the best set for your location/conditions, vehicle type, price range, and requirement. You can also use these tools to compare brands of tires. Consumer reports and reviews online will help you make up your mind further. Although with these tools, you’ll easily find the cheapest tires online, you will also open up to other options that are relatively inexpensive but offer you the value you really need for your safety and ride experience.

Using a credit card offered by a tire company

All the big tire companies have now started offering their own tire credit cards to lure more customers. Although with the deals they sometimes have with these credit cards, you may end up with the cheapest tires online, stay clear of using the credit card for any purchase other than your usual tire purchases. Once you make your tire purchase, immediately arrange for the payments to be made on auto-debit to the credit card account so you don’t default on it either. Depending on the brand offering the credit card, the savings can vary from 15 – 25%.

Shop during the holiday season

This one’s a no-brainer. Keep your calendars marked for prominent holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July, Presidents Day, Christmas and New Years, Thanksgiving and Labor Day. You’re sure to land some great deals online from tire retailers during these days. If you spot some of the cheapest tires online at this time because of the discounts, it wouldn’t hurt to make the purchase ahead of time and then use the tires later on when you really do need a replacement. Considering the amount of money you save, it will be worth it.