Home mold removal – Getting the right service

Home mold removal – Getting the right service

Indoor mold is a common problems one deals with at home. The fungi grows and thrives in a humid environment and some water-damaged spots. If left unchecked, mold damage causes severe structural and stability issues in buildings. And this may even result in catastrophic consequences. Active mold growth will also have adverse health effects, like respiratory problems and allergies. At the end of the day, there is no choice left but to contact a professional home mold removal service and have experts take care of the brewing situation.

Essentials to know before hiring a service
Many popular remediation business provide the same type of services, more or less. So, before you decide to call a service for inspection, here are some crucial points to remember as well as basic service requirements.

  • Testing the air quality
    Testing air quality before and after the home mold removal process is one of the surest ways to assess whether the work has been properly done. So, make sure the contractor you hire tests air quality and gives you a copy of the report to know the difference.
  • Type of air testing
    There are two effective types of air testing: Air-O-Cell and InstaScope. In the first method, Air-O-Cell captures the spores in a cassette apparatus and the samples are shipped to the lab for further testing. On the other hand, InstaScope testing measures the number of spores in real time to gives you accurate, on-the-spot analysis.
  • Do they also have pollution liability insurance?
    You must also check whether the company carries Pollution Liability Insurance over basic coverage. Since this amount is more expensive to cover, some companies may avoid it. So, you must ensure the company covers and pays for any damages done to the property due to an accident under the insurance.

Top home mold removal services
These service providers are great when it comes to home mold removal and remediation:

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis restoration ranks among the top services in the country for home mold removal and commercial remediation. The service works with an exclusive network of franchises employing technicians with expert training. All mold removal, remediation, and restoration services adhere to strict industry standards for the best customer satisfaction. Paul Davis employs water restoration specialists with certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, who efficiently seal the damage to avoid the spread. For the past 50 years, Paul Davis contractors have strived to make first contact within 30 minutes and respond to the location within a couple of hours. All documentation and formalities are done onsite after initial assessment. The service uses industrial grade air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extractors for containment before removal. Further as part of the home mold removal process, experts use disinfectants and antimicrobials for proper sanitization and deodorization. Paul Davis also provides exclusive assistance for insurance claims to help simply the restoration process.
  • Servpro
    Servpro provides niche remediation and restoration services for residential and commercial mold removal. To identify the severity of the mold infestation, the company will send out SERVPRO franchise experts to the job site and conduct a thorough assessment. In any case, it takes 48 to 72 hours for a mold infestation to damage the premises. It is also one of the main reasons quick action is necessary to contain the situation. The franchise experts are trained and well equipped to respond to a major disaster of any size owing to an extensive network of 1700 service locations across the country and in some parts of Canada as well. Depending on the severity and assessment, the franchise can tackle major replacements, structural rebuilding, and remove biohazards that may post a threat to occupants in the home. Similar to other service, Servpro also features an emergency 24/7 response.
  • Indoor Restore Environmental Services
    Indoor Restore is one of the few companies that go the extra mile in providing home mold removal services. All inspectors and technicians employed are certified and vetted by the Indoor Environmental Association, where their contracts are reviewed and renewed annually. The company also provides hands on training for specialized home and commercial remediation services to ensure the employees meet industry standard and quality requirements. Indoor Restore also conducts periodic evaluations to ensure top-notch skill and technical level expertise throughout their tenure. After the preliminary inspection, the technicians collect samples to be sent out for analysis. An estimate for services is then given on the basis of various reports to assess the type and extent of remediation or restoration. In most cases, a complete home mold removal process includes striping down the damaged area, disinfecting and sterilizing the environment, and rebuilding to restore your home back to it previous glory. Apart from home mold removal, Indoor restore is certified, licensed, and insure to provide fair priced diverse range of service from testing to removal.
  • ServiceMaster Restore
    ServiceMaster Restore is one of the oldest brands in the business of remediation. Its comprehensive list of services are categorized for residential and commercial establishments. From water, fire, smoke, and weather damages to home mold removal and pre-loss planning, get everything done professionally with this remediation company. You can also avail insurance services for any damage or destruction due to unforeseen circumstances. For over 65 years now, the experts at ServiceMaster Restore tirelessly work 24/7 to provide home and business crisis management solutions. All employees undergo a rigorous training and certification process to ensure top notch quality while adhering to industry standards. One of the key features of the brand is their customer support and guidance program. ServiceMaster Restore also tracks weather anomalies and accounts for potentially catastrophic events that can affect a particular area. They can respond actively to over 1900 locations spread across the country to provide immediate relief and assistance. You can contact the vendor directly and ask for a quote that will be provided after initial assessment.