Here’s How You Can Get Great Sunglasses Deals

Here’s How You Can Get Great Sunglasses Deals

No wardrobe is complete without sunglasses, and they are certainly the most amazing accessory that you can pair with any outfit. They not only accentuate an outfit but also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is interesting to know that there are different types of sunglasses for every face. If you need a trendy and classic retro design or a statement piece that’ll match your personality, you’ll certainly find the right one from the umpteen brands available in the market. And you can even get great deals on sunglasses to shop without burning a hole in your pocket.

Types of sunglasses that you can choose from

  • Wayfarers
    Wayfarers have been around since the ’50s. Although they did get a little lost among the newer trends for a little while, they’re certainly back in the business now. You’ll find them in a newer shape more or less similar to the square-shaped sunglasses, with the only difference being that it has a curve in the lower section. They offer full eye protection and are easily the most stylish and convenient types of sunglasses you’ll ever find.
  • Aviators
    Aviators come with an oval-shaped lens that narrows down toward the bridge of the nose, and they also have a top bar toward the brow line. An aviator with a golden frame will look great and also offer your eyes the requisite protection.
  • Square sunglasses
    They are mostly oversized, which means they provide effective protection from the harmful UV rays. Since they are square-shaped, the lens size stays the same across all ages and is a snug fit over the nose.
  • Round-shaped sunglasses
    These are mostly full-rimmed sunglasses that come with a frame and round lenses. The stylish lenses and polycarbonate frame certainly give adequate eye protection.
  • Cat-eye sunglasses
    These are the perfect feminine sunglasses and are to die for when it comes to sass and style. Trending on the fashion scene, they’re highlighted by the outer edges of the frame that slightly sweep up.
  • Rectangular sunglasses
    Similar to the square sunglasses, these are a little oversized, have equal edges on all sides, and are usually full-rimmed. They have the perfect retro vibe associated with them.
  • Oval sunglasses
    Oval sunglasses are the perfect all-person choice. They have a top bar at the brow line, and the lenses look perfect as they take the shape of a horizontal 8.
  • Wrap-around sunglasses
    These are called wrap-around because they tend to curve a bit alongside the head on the front. These look sporty and provide complete eye protection.
  • Sports sunglasses
    Want a pair of sunglasses that will give you a streamlined and sporty look? These are the ones for you. They are perfect for athletes, as they come with performance accentuating lenses.
  • Oversized and chic sunglasses
    These huge sunglasses come with a chic cut-down detailing toward the outer edge. They have been in vogue since the early 1970s and are here to stay. Because of their size, they offer good eye protection from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Club master sunglasses
    This type of sunglasses come with tinted lenses and a frame on the upper end and a half-rim toward the lower edge. It is timelessly stylish and has a retro appeal to it.
  • Butterfly sunglasses
    Get ready for some bold drama with these uniquely stylish sunglasses. They are similar to cat-eye and oval-shaped sunglasses but have a dressy appeal. Mostly oversized, they offer excellent protection to the eyes.
  • Geometric sunglasses
    Want to take your style to an all-new level? Try something unique and stylish like geometric sunglasses. These have a trapezoid lens with cut-out edges toward the top. They are mostly full-rimmed and come with a top half-frame. Truly quirky, they are the hot trend this summer.
  • Zippy reflector sunglasses
    This is the latest trend in the sunglasses market and comes with wired arms and a tinted lens. You can find it in an array of neon reflectors, so pick one that goes best with your personality.
  • Flipper shades sunglasses
    These are uniquely designed two-in-one sunglasses, and the highlights are their out-of-the-box design and style. You get these sunglasses with two lenses, which make it ideal for both outdoor and indoor wear. So, if you are out in the sun, you can flip down the lens, and just pull it up when you hit the club.

Top brands to check out for sunglasses

  • Ray-Ban
    Ray-Ban deserves a top spot when we talk about the best brands of sunglasses. Known for its superior quality, this global heritage eyewear brand offers some of the most exquisite, high-end styles. However, the good thing is that the sunglasses are available for a reasonable price, so buying a pair wouldn’t drill a hole in your pocket. Though the price might vary from one portal to another, you can find a quality Ray-Ban at under $100 from the official website.
  • American Optical
    Another top name among the sunglasses brands is American Optical (AO), which has been around for almost two centuries. The brand came into existence in the year 1826 and has a long list of happy customers from all corners of the world. With AO, you can get superior-quality sunglasses at affordable rates. A decent pair of sunglasses from the brand can be bought at a price lower than $100.
  • Oakley, Inc.
    A renowned brand, Oakley, Inc. started making sunglasses in the year 1984, and there has been no looking back ever since. For anyone with an active lifestyle, a pair of sunglasses from this brand is a must-have. You can find a good pair for anywhere between $100 and $200.
  • Maui Jim
    Maui Jim is a Hawaiian sunglasses brand that started global sales after achieving widespread national popularity and now offers over 125 styles of sunglasses to choose from. The trendy and sports eyewear from the brand are certainly in fashion, and you can get a deal on the latest sunglasses from the brand for around $300.
  • Persol
    Need a good pair of sunglasses? Give Persol a try. It derives its name from an Italian phrase “per il sole,” which translates to “for the sun.” The brand emerged in the market before Ray-Ban and has an embellished legacy. A good pair of Persol sunglasses can cost you around $260.

Deals on sunglasses
We all want to own a pair of sunglasses from a luxury brand, but what stops us is the price tag attached to it. With some amazing deals available online, you can grab a pair of sunglasses from the top brands and be a head-turner in your gang.

You can always look for great deals on e-commerce portals like Amazon. They usually have off-season or clearance sales going on, or they may be offering sales on sunglasses launched the previous year. However, here’s where you can find a pair of sunglasses from your favorite brand without having to worry about shelling out a lot:

  • If you want to get your hands on a funky pair of Ray-Ban, you can visit the official website, as it is currently offering a 20% site-wide discount.
  • For American Opticals, eBay and Amazon are the platforms to visit if you want to get the best deals on sunglasses. If you prefer shopping from the official website, you can sign up and save a flat $10 on your first order.
  • If you’re an Oakley, Inc. lover, check out the official website of the brand for 20% off on almost all the available sunglasses. Also, you can check out Jomashop, an online portal running offers wherein you can get $10 off by signing up (along with free shipping). That’s not all! The platform is also offering up to 50% off on some of the sunglasses. Well, you are surely in for a treat if you have always wanted to own a nice pair of Oakley, Inc sunglasses.
  • Maui Jim is our favorite brand, and if it’s the same for you, you can get up 70% off on its sunglasses. has slashed down the price of most Maui Jim sunglasses by almost 70%, and not to mention, you can also grab a discount of $50 on your first purchase. You just need to sign up on the website, shop for over $400, and subscribe to their mailing list to get one of the best deals on a pair of sunglasses from your favorite brand.
  • If Persol is your choice of brand, you can check out for a sale price of up to 50% less. And if you are looking for specific Persol sunglasses, you can get great deals of up to 45% on Groupon.

If you wish to get deals on sunglasses from brands other than the ones listed here, you can check out the top shopping portals or the official websites of the brands. Also, try shopping for sunglasses during winters (off-season) and festivals (Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday), as you can get some amazing offers and deals during those times.