Here’s how to grab the top deals this 4th of July

Here’s how to grab the top deals this 4th of July

Need to change the tires of your car or truck? With the 4th of July coming up, you can grab some pretty good deals to save some money that can be used for the upkeep of your vehicle. Tires are one of the parts of your car or truck that go through the most wear and tear, so it never hurts to have a couple of extra tires in your trunk or garage. Popular brands like Michelin, Hankook, and Firestone offer many promotion deals around this time every year. Here are the top tips to make the best of the 4th of July tire deals.

Look for deals online
Check multiple online retailers to compare prices when you’re shopping for tires. With different retailers having different promotional policies during the 4th of July sales, ensure that you check for any additional sales taxes, shipping fees, and other add-ons. Also, remember that the price and discounts offered will differ based on the brand, size, and type of the tires you want to buy. To know how much your total savings will be, include the cost of shipping and installing the tires at home or at a local garage to know how much you’ll be spending.

Go local
Major chains like Costco, Sears, and Sam’s Club offer their own rebates apart from the offers and discounts coming directly from the tire manufacturers. The rebates are usually quite lucrative during the holiday season, including around the 4th of July. Check out these chain stores in your area, and ask them about the cost of balancing, mounting, and wheel alignment. Also, enquire whether any fee will be charged for disposing off your old tires. All these will give you a fair idea about how much you will be saving with the promotional deals.

Hunt for coupons
Many manufacturers, retailers, and even coupon websites like Groupon offer 4th of July tire deals through coupons. Online tire retailers also offer tons of coupons from manufacturers during this time, so be on the lookout and get hold of these online coupons, since they expire sooner than you would expect. You may also find coupons on tire deals in your local newspaper or magazines. You can get some decent rebates using these coupon codes. If you’re lucky, you can also combine multiple coupon codes to get a great money-saving deal on a set of brand new tires for your vehicle.

Request for perks
Many local shops offer freebies in addition to their 4th of July tire deals. Road-hazard warranty coverage and lifetime tire rotations are often expected perks, and they are really useful for extra protection against tire damage before the tires wear out. Some of the major retailers have been known to offer road-hazard protection to their customers. Tire Rack, TireBuyer, SimpleTire, Costco, and BJ’s often offer perks along with their promotional offers.

Popular brands offering 4th of July tire deals
Top tire brands and manufacturers like GoodYear, Michelin, HanKook, Bridgestone, and Firestone offer some amazing discounts and promotional deals during every holiday season, including around the 4th of July. These offers range from cashback offers to discount coupons. To grab the best 4th of July tire deals before they expire, check out the official websites of the top manufacturers:

  • Firestone
    One of the most popular tire brands, Firestone offers 4th of July deals annually. It offers discounts across its various models, including Champion Fuel Fighter (H-, T-, and V-Speed rated). Other models include Destination A/T, Destination LE 2, Destination M/T2, Firehawk AS, Firehawk Indy 500, and WeatherGrip.
  • Michelin
    Known to offer comprehensive promotion deals around the 4th of July, Michelin is one of the top-selling tire brands. The deals offered by Michelin usually include cashback on Mastercard rewards.
  • Hankook
    The 4th of July tire deals from Hankook are usually in the form of cashbacks on eligible prepaid Mastercard payments. The deals are applicable only on eligible in-stock tires. Hankook offers discounts on multiple models of tires, including Dynapro AT2, Dynapro HP2, Ventus S1 noble2, and Ventus V12 evo2. Offers may also be available on Dynapro HT RH12, Kinergy GT, Kinergy PT, Kinergy ST, and Ventus V2 concept2.
  • Priority Tire
    A well-known brand, Priority Tire offers a wide range of 4th of July tire deals for massive savings while shopping on tires. The brand runs a special 4th of July sale every year, offering discounts on spending a minimum amount on purchases. The brand releases coupon codes for customers just before the 4th of July so they can make the most of the promotional offers.