Get Smooth Skin Using the Best Razor Brands

Get Smooth Skin Using the Best Razor Brands

Shaving means removing facial or body hair using a razor or a sharp implement to slice off the hair to skin level. Shaving is usually done by men to eliminate facial hair and by women to eliminate hair from their underarms and legs. Around 3000 BC, copper razors were first invented. The invention of safety razors in the 1800s revolutionized the concept of shaving oneself, allowing men to perform their facial hair-grooming in the comfort of their homes.

A man’s choice to grow facial hair can be affected by personal preference, cultural significance, and religious reasons. Although beards are immensely popular in the present day, a large population of men chooses the clean-shaven look, owing to the safety and convenience of razors. Shaving facial hair not only results in a clean and youthful look, it also removes dead skin cells, makes skin softer, prevents acne outbreaks and clogged pores, evens out the skin tone and makes the skin look younger.

Factors to consider

In order to maintain a smooth and clean-shaven look, a good razor is required. A really sturdy and sharp razor can result in an even, smooth shave and soft skin. A poor-quality razor will result in cuts and razor burns. The type of razor also matters, such as whether the razor is a safety razor, straight razor, disposable razor or a cartridge razor.
Choosing a good razor can be quite challenging, as the market offers innumerable choices and varieties.

Top five razor brands

To sort through this minefield of shaving razors available in the marketplace, here is a list of the best razor brands available. This list will make it easier to choose the best razor brand that works for your skin and hair.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

This is a safety razor made in Germany with state-of-the-art craftsmanship and superior quality. It has six adjustable settings, which can handle everything from mild shaves to cleaning off full-growth. It is heavier than regular safety razors and this additional weight lets you get a closer shave without excessive pressure, thus avoiding razor cuts. It provides for greater control and is easily maneuverable. The handle has an indent at the top to give a sturdier grip. The Futur razor features a clip instead of screws to keep the razor in its place. This makes loading a new blade much easier. This is one of the best razor brand available in the market.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Gillette is one of the biggest razor manufacturers and is well-known for its outstanding quality. The Mach 3 Turbo has three extremely sharp blades that result in a much closer shave, free from irritation. It also has micro-fins that straighten the hair before the blade cuts it, ensuring a really smooth shave. It has a thin strip of lubricant that lubricates the skin and softens facial hair so that the razor can glide over the skin effortlessly. The strip fades into a white color, which reminds the user that the blade has dulled and has to be changed. The handle has rubber grips that prevent the razor from slipping. This razor is highly popular with women too. This is one of the best razor brands available in the market.

Every Man Jack Razor

This razor is ideal for novices. It comes with a free razor stand. It has six blades with a metal handle with secure grip. It also contains a lubricating strip on top composed of herbs, chamomile and olive oil that nourish the skin. The package comes with four cartridges. This is one of the best razor brands.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

The straight razor gives a really close, smooth shave. It has an easily replaceable blade that pops out on pinching the spring-mounted razor head. The blade is extremely sharp. The stainless steel body is long-lasting. It has a handle with a sturdy grip, made of heat-resistant silicone resin. It is easily cleaned by immersing in boiling water.

Bevel Razor

This razor is ideal for very coarse, rough or curly facial hair. This is a brass razor that has a chrome plating. It has a very sharp edge that cuts precisely at the skin level without hurting by pulling at the hair. It thus prevents the occurrence of ingrown hair. It is very light in weight and is clinically tested to prevent skin conditions like pseudofolliculitis and skin irritation.