Different Types of Leaf Blowers

Different Types of Leaf Blowers

Gardening becomes an easy task with a leaf blower. When seasons change, it becomes important for you to keep the garden clean. There are many kinds of leaf blowers available in different sizes, shapes, and prices.

However, this guide to the best leaf blowers will help you maintain a clean garden without disturbing your neighbors. Technically, a small garden should have a small leaf blower with low power and vice versa.

The smaller leaf blowers make less noise compared to the larger ones and are highly preferred. There are many kinds in this category that are regarded as the best leaf blowers depending on your garden size, requirement, and budget.

Corded electric

These are one of the lightest leaf blowers and are eco-friendly in nature. They are considered best leaf blowers if the power plug is within 100m of the work area. If you have a small garden and are looking at some quick vacuum work, then corded electric is one of the best choices you could make. It is light weighted but limits your mobility.

Cordless electric

These are the best leaf blowers for those who want easy work. The leaf blower is not tied up anywhere and runs on a battery. If the battery is fully charged, then it could run for an hour which is good enough to vacuum your garden. In large gardens as well, the work becomes easy as you are not tied to any cord. It gives you relaxation time when the battery recharges.

Gas-powered handheld

These don’t need a cord or battery but need gas engines to make the vacuum work. Gas powered handhelds are moderately priced and do not offer any restriction on your mobility. However, these need fuel and oil and make a loud noise for the traditional vacuuming it does. They are light weighted and do a better job compared to electric leaf blowers.

Gas backpacks

Gas backpacks are heavy but the weight is evenly distributed across your back and shoulders. They are noisy but vacuum and clean your garden well. Gas backpacks are highly priced for the comfort they provide while cleaning.

Wheeled gas powered

The wheeled gas power ones are one of the best leaf blowers option available as they are wheeled and you don’t have to carry any weight. These are best for large yards where cleaning is necessary and is a long process. Wheeled gas-powered blowers have an efficient storage space and that is why they are heavy in weight. They are pricey for the features they provide and are less noisy in the category of leaf blowers.

To decide the best leaf blower for your needs, you need to be clear on the choice of electric or gas. It becomes necessary for you to remember that an electric one is eco-friendly but needs sufficient amount of power to work. If the yard has a plug point to connect the blower and is smaller in size, then electric leaf blowers are a smart choice. However, in case of large yards and no power points, you can go with the gas leaf blowers.

Even after you buy the best leaf blower, you must use it with caution. There are also some general instructions that come with leaf blowers. Keeping yourself safe while blowing and also cleaning the yard after vacuuming should be your basic duty.

It is better to get the noise regulations checked in your locality to avoid fines and other health damages. To choose the best leaf blower, know the size of your yard, analyze the budget, and lastly ensure the safety of yourself and your neighborhoods.