Check out these top Christmas cruise deals

Check out these top Christmas cruise deals

The festive season is upon us, and it’s time to go on a vacation with the family. While flying might not be feasible for everyone, there are other options you can explore to make your holidays just as enjoyable. For instance, you can take a cruise vacation this festive season. We have compiled a list of the top cruise lines you can book when the Christmas cruise deals for 2021 go live.

Royal Caribbean
If you are looking to sail with one of the most famous cruise lines across the Caribbean, the Royal Caribbean is your best bet. Over ten ships will be sailing across the sea during the festive season. You can expect to be treated to a delightful Christmas experience with all the trimmings. The cruises also have classic Christmas movies stocked in their movie theaters. You can select from the 20+ itineraries compiled by the cruise line and choose the one that suits you best. For example, a four-night cruise along the western Caribbean departing from Texas costs about $440 per person. And this price is for a room with an ocean view! What’s more! You get to save approximately $300! For more deals, check out their website.

Disney has some of the best holiday cruises to offer. This means that you get to enjoy some fantastic festive events on board with your kids, family, or friends. The tree lighting event is performed by none other than Mr. Mickey Mouse. You can also witness or take part in caroling events throughout Christmas. Other activities planned to keep the kids entertained including scavenger hunts and stocking decoration events. This is going to turn out to be a fantastic holiday with your loved ones. Returning passengers can save approximately $500 per person on Disney cruises. However, this is after you book within 1.5 months of returning from your most recent Disney trip. You can also save up to 30% (available for a limited time only) on select sailings from Galveston to Western Caribbean! So do check their website out for more such offers and deals.

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruise lines have some of the best cruises running across the year. You can choose from the various destinations and dates. If you are up for some holiday competition, you can participate in the activities. Depending on your travel dates and destination, and the number of people you book for, your Princess cruise will cost you upward of $284.

If your idea of a holiday cruise is to be out on the deck with over-the-top festive decorations, Carnival might be the one true match for you. Thanks to their partnership with Dr. Seuss, you and your kids will run into not just St. Nick but also the grinch who will terribly fail at stealing the Christmas cheer. Carnival cruise lines are also famous for some out-of-the-norm contests like ugly sweater competitions. If you are looking forward to a holiday onboard the Carnival, grab the best Christmas cruise deals for 2021 before they all run out. The average cost per person onboard starts from over $120, excluding taxes. If you become a member, you get an additional 35% off on their cruise deals and an onboard credit of up to $50! Check out their website to know more!