Best Black Friday cruise offers of 2020

Best Black Friday cruise offers of 2020

As Black Friday is inching closer, our excitement for all the deals, discounts, and offers to come is building up faster than ever. If you have been putting off going on a dream cruise because of the high prices, this is the time to finally go on one without burning a hole in your pocket. There are several attractive deals and discounts on cruises available during the Black Friday weekend, which are super affordable and easy to access. While you don’t necessarily have to wait for Black Friday to book your dream vacation, you will be making your wallet very happy if you can book one during this weekend.

Here are some of our favorite Black Friday Cruise deals of 2020.

  • MSC Cruises

While the Black Friday deals for MSC cruises are yet to be officially announced, many deals are already running on their website. These deals are available on cruises traveling to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, etc. They are offering special discounts and deals for families and children, and kids below a certain age get to travel for free. These deals include benefits like free drinks, free WiFi, and members-only discounts of up to 10%. You can also opt for their monthly payment plan so that you can go on a cruise without worrying about your wallet.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line
    There are several early Black Friday deals being offered by Norwegian Cruise Line for their cruises that will be traveling to several destinations worldwide. They are offering a wide variety of amenities, like an open bar, excursions, specialty dining, and free WiFi on cruises running from April 2021. Some cruises retail for as low as $100 per day for each person. You can also get 50% off on your second guest’s fare for certain cruises. Last-minute cruises to places like Alaska and the Caribbean are available for rates between $399 and $499.
  • Royal Caribbean
    Royal Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise companies in the United States and is known to offer exciting deals on their cruises during the Black Friday weekend. Among the early deals currently being offered by Royal Caribbean cruises include discounts of up to $500 on certain cruises and 60% off on second guest charges. The summer 2021 cruises will be accommodating kids under a certain age limit for free. You will find cruises going to various destinations starting from rates as low as $207. Websites like Expedia and Travelocity are offering discounts of anywhere between 75% and 90% on cruises by Royal Caribbean.
  • Carnival Cruise Line
    Carnival Cruise Line is already offering great discounts on their cruises to heavenly destinations like the Bahamas, Western Caribbean, and Baja Mexico, for attractive prices, ranging from approximately $129 to $184, based on the number of people traveling and the duration of the cruise. These cruises typically start from Miami, Long Beach, Orlando, or from ports in Australia, like Sydney and Brisbane.
  • Cunard Line
    Cunard Line is a cruising company that is known for its luxury cruises. On the Black Friday weekend, they are offering their cruises on great discounts and also offering upgrades to Balcony staterooms on select voyages. They are also offering the Cunard Voyage upgrade on featured voyages where you can upgrade your ordinary suite to Britannia Club Balcony stateroom or the Princess Grill suite. The voyages to Northern Europe are priced between $749 and $1,389 based on the number of days and the route you choose.
  • Celebrity Cruises
    This is another popular cruising company that is known for its exciting travel packages and incredible prices. They are currently having a dedicated sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on their website. They are reducing the deposit amounts to as low as $25 and are offering one free perk on your bookings with an additional $100 to spend onboard. When booking your trip during this time, you will also get free drinks, Wi-Fi, or gratuities for the first two guests. The fares for additional guests are also being reduced by 50%. You can travel to places like Europe, Alaska, Bermuda, Asia, South America, and Hawaii.