Best 2019 Cyber Monday gaming deals for you

Best 2019 Cyber Monday gaming deals for you

When you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you are bound to think of exciting deals on video gaming consoles and video games. Each year the biggest gaming deals can be found during these two occasions. So, if you are a parent to an eager gamer or you happen to be an avid gamer yourself, be prepared to check out the Cyber Monday gaming deals for 2019 before you spend on any console or game.

The 2019 holiday season is a huge draw for shoppers as it is believed that 2020 will witness the launch of both Xbox and PS 5. So, it is only natural that the Cyber Monday gaming deals will include heavy discounts on the older versions like the PS 4 Slim and the Xbox One S. You can also expect good prices for the premium versions, namely the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Nintendo is slated to launch the Nintendo Switch in 2020, but their new Lite version has just been released in September of this year; so, you cannot expect discounts included in the Cyber Monday gaming deals.

Cyber Monday gaming deals that you cannot miss in 2019

  • Microsoft is focused on building its home-entertainment brand and therefore, will not only concentrate on consoles. It focuses on the Netflix-like subscription system called Game Pass that is now compatible with the Xbox and PCs. You can expect to find stellar savings opportunities on the consoles and Game Pass for Cyber Monday gaming deals this year so that gamers are satisfied. The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s premium console and this lets you play games on 4K TVs and uses a very strong CPU. So, you can find great price-cuts on the Xbox One X console and this is guaranteed to give you far better performance than the Xbox One S. This system is also likely to be bundled with popular games and sold for lower prices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that falls only 3 days after Black Friday.
  • As Playstation nears its release in 2020, this year is likely to help gamers save on the PS 4. Gamers can choose from 3 models, namely, the PS 4, PS 4 Pro and the PS 4 Slim. Sony is also trying to attract more gamers by bundling the consoles with popular games.
  • The Nintendo Wii was launched a decade ago, and since then, the Wii U failed to garner much interest amongst gamers. But, the newly-released Nintendo Switch has compensated for this is a big way. This console that was launched in 2017 has been ranking high in all sales charts and if rumors are to be believed, the prices for this are expected to go down this year for the holiday shoppers. The Nintendo Switch is both a home console and a handheld console and has been most appealing to young as well as old gamers. Prices for this are slated to come down heavily this year and a AAA title is also likely to be paired with it at the low price.

Besides the exciting deals on gaming consoles, you can expect great savings deals on games too. For instance, PS 4 owners can get a variety of video games for much lower prices for the Cyber Monday sales. Xbox gamers will also be able to buy many games on offer as will PC gamers. Even VR gaming is likely to get a boost with prices being cut so that those who have not tried these before can finally dip their toes in the water.