All You Need to Know about Extra Wide Shoes

All You Need to Know about Extra Wide Shoes

Do you have unusually wide feet? Well, you aren’t the only one. There are many of us whose shoe size is the same in length and not in width. This means that people with wide feet are in need of extra wide shoes.

Wide shoes are also used by people whose feet swell up due to various health conditions. While wide shoes are necessary, they are not always available. In this article, we talk about the various reasons why extra wide shoes are necessary.

Common misconceptions

A very common misconception that occurs amongst people is that if they see their shoe does not fit, they simply get a bigger size. For example, if a woman bought a shoe of size 7 and later realized it was too tight, she is likely to go back and exchange it for a size 8.

However, just because a shoe is tight does not mean the problem is with the length. This is the sole reason for which shoemakers make shoes of extra width while of the same size. If her shoe was feeling tight because her toes were wider, then she should have selected extra wide shoes of the same size.

Another common misconception regarding extra wide shoes is that they are not fashion friendly. This reason has even driven people away from purchasing wider shoes leading to foot problems in the long run.

The extra width of your feet is probably no more than one-eighth of an inch. Wearing footwear that supports the size of your feet are extremely important, and if not done, it can lead to problems in the long run.

Common reasons for wearing wide shoes

Bunions are the most common reason for the widening of feet and brings in the demand for extra wide shoes. These are basically bumps in your feet structure that causes your foot to be wide. It can either occur naturally or as a result of wearing tight shoes and not giving your feet structure enough breathing space.

In a recently conducted survey, one-third of both men and women confirmed that they do not wear shoes that are exactly comfortable to their feet, meaning they do not wear the correct size. Wearing wrongly sized footwear for a long is a sure way of developing bunions. Apart from this, the size of our feet also grows naturally over time. So, having wider feet can also be completely natural.

Tips for people with extra wide feet

Flat shoes are the best choices for those with wider feet. Try to find the extra wide shoe models in your shoe size category and go with flat-bottomed trainers or casual shoes. Sandals are also a great choice as they provide ample room for your feet to be comfortable. Keep in mind though that sandals with too many straps will once again lead to problems as they will be holding your foot awkwardly.

Try to avoid stiff leather material. Softer shoes have a tendency to adjust to the shape of the feet over time, which is not the case with leather shoes. Even if you have extra wide feet, you can still wear stilettos. Just make sure they are not thin heeled ones. Go for a fatter base, short-heeled stilettos, and make a superb style statement.

Where to get extra wide shoes

Although many people have wider feet, extra wide shoes have not been available in numbers. However, a growing recognition of foot comfort, logic, and reason has shined through and most brands are now making wider shoes readily available. You should be able to easily get them on Amazon or eBay or at your local shoe store.

When thinking about the right footwear, comfort is paramount. However, you can still get trendy and fashionable extra wide shoes at most footwear outlets. Don’t let myths and misconceptions compromise your comfort and style. Buy quality extra wide shoes and feel fantastic all the time!