A Concise Guide to Purchasing an Energy-Efficient Clearance Refrigerator

A Concise Guide to Purchasing an Energy-Efficient Clearance Refrigerator

It is always a huge decision in purchasing a new refrigerator. This is because the refrigerator is the centerpiece of all kitchen appliances. If you are what you eat, then the refrigerator is crucial since it acts as a device that holds all the ingredients for a meal. It is also the means of keeping food fresh. Very often we choose between replacing an old refrigerator even though it may have become unpleasant to look at and seem to be an energy-hogging device. More often than once do we wander into an electronic store in pursuit of purchasing a refrigerator in a clearance sale, but the different specifications cause us to be intimidated. Here are a few tips that will soon cause you to become an expert in purchasing a refrigerator in a clearance sale.

Top mounted freezers

There are different types of refrigerators including top-mounted freezer, bottom freezer as well as side by side freezer refrigerators. Although a new refrigerator may not have the same configurations as the old one, ensure that the dimensions and the size ratios are similar to that of it. A 60 Watt light bulb is said to consume more energy than that of a top mounted freezer refrigerator that has an energy star associated with it.

The energy star

The Energy Star is the simplest measure of having the means to an eco-friendly refrigerator that saves both money as well as energy. The refrigerator is the highest energy user after cooling, heating, and hot water in a household. Improvements in compression, as well as insulation, has helped in reduction of energy consumption considerably among the newer refrigerators as compared to the older models.

Size matters

It is no secret that smaller refrigerators consume lesser energy compared to larger ones. 16-20 cubic feet is the most appropriate size for a refrigerator striving to be energy efficient. Do not purchase a new refrigerator and then keep the old one to have an extra cold storage. Be absolutely certain that your new refrigerator fulfills your cold storage and other requirements.

Figure out what matters to you

Before investing in a clearance refrigerator, ensure that you completely understand what you require the most from a new fridge. This is so that you pay only for what you use and your money gets its worth for the complete life cycle of the refrigerator!

Recycle the old refrigerator

One cannot stress this enough as recycling an old refrigerator plays a crucial role in the reduction of global warming. Apart from reducing the number of energy units that are consumed, it also helps prevent toxic chemical substances from being released into the environment. Not recycling the old refrigerator and foam can cause up to 10000 pounds of greenhouse gas from getting released into the atmosphere.

Brand does matter

The purchase of a good refrigerator can only be trusted by the sale from a reputable store and by a reputed brand. This gives you brand quality as well as reliability that may not exist if purchased from a local store. Make sure that you do a thorough research before you buy a new refrigerator. What’s more is that you may be able to purchase the same at a cheaper price during a clearance sale at these stores. Usually, in the month of May, stores have clearance sales to clear their stock of electronic products. This can help you save quite some money as it can reduce the money spent on the refrigerator as well as the money that may have been spent on wasted energy units.