A Brief Overview of Counter Depth Refrigerator

A Brief Overview of Counter Depth Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the essential storage units in a household. The temperature inside a refrigerator is lower than the ambient temperature. There is a freezer box inside a refrigerator. Here, the temperature is a few degrees lower than the water freezing temperature. This freezer box or compartment stores frozen foods.
The capacity of a refrigerator is in either liters or cubic feet. Usually, the freezer unit takes up 1/3 to 1/4 of the volume of the refrigerator-freezer combined unit.

Types of refrigerators

There are five different styles of refrigerators as mentioned below:
– Top-mounted freezers
– Bottom-mounted freezers
– Side-by-side refrigerators. Here the fridge and freezer are independent sections mounted side by side.
– French door refrigerators. French door style refrigerators are luxury refrigerators suitable for bigger kitchen spaces. It combines a freezer at the bottom with drawers and a side-by-side unit at the top portion. It has a double door. It matches with the kitchen’s carpentry work.
– Mini/compact refrigerators

Why buy a counter depth refrigerator?

A counter depth refrigerator does not project out from the cabinet. It matches the environment of the kitchen.
The standard depth of a counter table is 24 inches with a 1-inch overhang. The depth of a standard refrigerator varies between 30 to 36 inches. You would not like to have your refrigerator projecting out 6 to 12 inches or so. This will match the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Moreover, a standard refrigerator occupies more space in the kitchen.
This is where a counter depth refrigerator finds its use. A counter depth refrigerator is usually 24 to 25 inches in depth, excluding door handles. Counter depth refrigerators with depths of 28 inches and 30 inches are also available in the market. The height and length of standard refrigerators and counter depth refrigerators are the same. Volume-wise, a counter depth refrigerator is smaller than the standard refrigerator. The space for food and groceries in counter type refrigerators is between 20 to 24 cubic feet. A standard refrigerator holds between 26 to 32 cubic feet.

How does a counter depth refrigerator blend with a kitchen?

– A counter depth refrigerator takes up less space compared to a standard refrigerator. It is also called a shallow refrigerator. It is particularly meant for a smaller kitchen. The intended use is to blend it with the carpentry work of the kitchen.
– A counter depth refrigerator does not actually flush with the countertop of the kitchen. You need to keep some clearance of an inch or so at the rear side of the refrigerator. With doors and handles, you can expect it to still protrude 3 inches or so.
– If you want to get a refrigerator to remain flush with the kitchen cabinet, you need to go in for a built-in model. This is an expensive affair. French door style counter depth refrigerators are quite popular.

Benefits of a counter depth refrigerator

Benefits of a counter depth refrigerator are as follows:
– A more sleek and modernized look. A counter-depth refrigerator is preferred by people because this type of refrigerator offers the kitchen a more uniform look. The refrigerator does not protrude much beyond the counter.
– Handier. Easier access to the items inside. It requires less bending. Easier access makes cleaning easier too.
– Less protrusion of counter depth refrigerator offers less hindrance to movement.
– Shorter depth results in easier pull-out of freezer drawers.
– Single door swing takes less space.

Disadvantages of a counter depth refrigerator

Disadvantages of a counter depth refrigerator are as follows:
– Less storage capacity compared to the standard refrigerator
– Drawers are shorter. It is difficult to store long items and trays.
– 5 to 20 percent costlier than a standard refrigerator.
– Less energy-efficient.

Makers of counter depth refrigerators

Some of the popular makes of counter depth refrigerators are LG, Samsung, GE, and KitchenAid. Jenn-Air, Frigidaire, and Bosch are also available. Before shopping, don’t forget to take an accurate measurement of the space for your refrigerator.