6 factors for choosing the right rehabilitation center

6 factors for choosing the right rehabilitation center

According to medical professionals, substance abuse is one of the most neglected health conditions. Fatalities due to abuse and addiction are steadily increasing these days, making rehabilitation very important. Rehabilitation centers or communities across the country help patients and their families by providing a host of facilities and programs. The following factors should be considered to choose the right rehabilitation center.

Goals of rehabilitation
Different rehabs have different specialties. Therefore, it is vital to ascertain the substance or behavior from which the patient needs rehabilitation. In the case of dual diagnosis, which refers to substance abuse or behavioral problems due to a mental health condition, it is crucial to establish if both conditions require rehabilitation. Setting a detox goal for long-term sobriety can also help select the best rehabilitation center or community.

Types of treatment offered
Rehabilitation goals can help determine the right treatment program. Rehabilitation centers offer two types of rehabilitation:

  • Inpatient treatment
    People develop a magnitude of physical dependence on a particular substance. So, inpatient treatment tries to manage the withdrawal symptoms that arise when the patient gives up the addiction. This is done through detoxification, a treatment that helps manage the unpleasant and dangerous effects of quitting a particular type of intoxicating substance. Detoxification may require the patients to remain in the rehabilitation center or community for weeks or months.

    Once the withdrawal symptoms are managed successfully, different therapeutic measures help understand what led the patient into the maladaptive behavior or addiction. This phase of inpatient treatment typically requires numerous counseling sessions, peer support, and medical care. Many rehabilitation centers offer holistic programs that recommend treatments from a whole-body perspective. Patients can also choose gender, age, or even faith-based rehab communities.

  • Outpatient treatment
    Like inpatient rehab, many centers also offer outpatient treatment options, depending on the addiction’s type and severity. Outpatient therapy employs the same treatment practices as inpatient treatment, such as group therapy, support groups, individual therapy, medications, and even life-skilled workshops. However, patients can go home and don’t need to stay at the center throughout the day.

    The time spent at the rehab center depends on the patient’s health and life commitments. For instance, some patients may require outpatient treatment for three to six hours, while others may require a more intensive approach of at least 12 to 20 hours.

This is another crucial factor for choosing the best rehabilitation center or community. While some centers offer amenities similar to or even exceed five-star hotels, others provide basic but fully-functional facilities adequate to keep the patients sober.

It is crucial to choose rehabilitation close to home for outpatient treatments. On the other hand, it is recommended to choose a center far from the bustling city and close to nature in case of prolonged inpatient treatments. This can help break the connection between addicts and their former dependency on a substance.

Cost is a critical factor when choosing a rehabilitation center. The best centers offer all their services and treatments at the most affordable prices. While fully-functional rehabilitation centers with basic amenities cost anywhere between $13,000 and $30,000 for a 30-day program, outpatient programs can cost up to $500 per session, and detoxification can cost up to $1000 a day. Private or luxury rehab centers with upscale settings offer services starting from $25,000.

Comparison with other centers
Once all the factors mentioned above have been narrowed down, it is essential to compare the best rehabilitation centers that suit the patient’s requirements. Some of the top rehabilitation centers or communities include:

  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  • Alo House Recovery Centers
  • Ashley Addiction Treatment
  • Cirque Lodge
  • Harmony Foundation
  • Valley Hope of Chandler