5 popular grocery delivery services in the country

5 popular grocery delivery services in the country

Shopping for groceries online saves you both the time and effort of making a trip to the nearest supermarket. It is an affordable luxury today that you can make the best use of while sitting at home, in office, or even on the go with apps. Today, it has also become an important source of procuring your daily needs amid the growing concerns of a rapidly spreading health hazard. Although stepping out to shop for necessities is an option, we have put together the top services that make things easier by delivering everything to your doorstep.

Here are the top 5 grocery delivery services in the country:

Among the notable ones is Instacart, an online grocery delivery service that lets you shop from all the local stores in your area and gets the products delivered at your doorstep. You can simply enter your ZIP code to check whether Instacart offers services in your location. The service provider partners with small businesses and retail outlets to enable its home delivery services, and it also collaborates with local wine shops for doorstep delivery. One of the key highlights is the Instacart Express subscription that provides you with a personalized priority shopping and delivery experience. The subscription gets the finest products from local stores handpicked according to your preferences and delivers them to you within an hour. It’s advisable to opt for Instacart’s doorstep delivery during such critical times of need for social distancing, and you don’t even need to pay a delivery fee with the express package. For all orders above $35, Instacart Express provides free delivery, and for lesser value items added to the cart, it can charge a delivery fee between $3.99 and $7.99, depending on the order value and the urgency of delivery.

FreshDirect is one of the few grocery delivery services that provide a direct shopping experience. At present, the service features the online grocery shop, FreshDirect Office, and FoodKick. The niche categories provide a custom range of products, all locally sourced, making your job of stocking up on supplies a lot easier. One of the key highlights of FreshDirect is the quality of packaging as the service only utilizes reusable bags. You have the option of returning them during your next delivery, or you can simply use them elsewhere and reduce the carbon footprint. Delicate produce and perishable items are also protected during delivery, so don’t worry about your avocado turning into guacamole en route. In comparison to other services, FreshDirect has a longer delivery window, and you have to be present at the time of delivery. At the same time, it is a convenient service as you can easily edit your orders as many times as you want before choosing a delivery slot. Note that the delivery fee varies depending on your location and can range from $5.99 to $15.99, with a required minimum order of $30 (the minimum order required is $99 in the Hamptons).

Peapod is another popular grocery delivery service that is designed to provide for home and business needs. All you have to do is choose your location, check the available products, add them to the cart, and check out after selecting from the multiple delivery options. Peapod.com has everything from fresh farm and organic produce to meal kits, and the service exclusively delivers alcohol like beer, wine, and spirits. One of the key highlights is the Order Genius feature that automatically analyzes your frequent purchases and preferences to create a smart shopping cart. You can easily remove and add items to this cart before payment, simplifying your online shopping experience. Peapod offers a range of delivery schedules right from next-day delivery guarantee to 2 weeks ahead of when you’ll be needing the groceries. You will need to place a minimum order of $30, on which a delivery charge between $2.95 and $9.95 is applicable, depending on your order total. You can also use discount coupons to manage your total payables.

Thrive is your one-stop grocery delivery service for most things organic. The online marketplace features several direct buying strategies to significantly bring down the cost of shopping for organic produce, and it ensures that all food you buy from the platform is free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Thrive sources everything from local shops and markets to bring you everything on one platform. With over 6,000 wholesome food, home, and beauty products from the top brands in the market, you will never run out of options. Additionally, Thrive members can enjoy exclusive benefits like daily deals, free gifts, and samples. All orders above $49 are eligible for free shipping, and you also get your first order with a minimum cart value of $25 delivered for free. You can also opt for their 30-days trial membership before subscribing, and doorstep delivery is available to most ZIP code locations in the country.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping is not to be forgotten when it comes to popular grocery delivery services. They bring cooking and pantry essentials in one online marketplace, and one of the main features of Google Shopping is that you don’t have to subscribe to its services. Simply log in, shop for products, and get them delivered at your doorstep, hassle-free. Google Shopping is a great option for buying canned foods with a longer shelf-life as opposed to fresh produce and perishables as there are alternative platforms that guarantee 2-hour delivery for such shopping needs. The minimum cart order for free delivery on Google Shopping varies between $25 and $35, depending on your location. The doorstep delivery service also maintains different delivery schedules and lets you choose between next-day and 2-day delivery to the location of your choice, along with the option of easy and direct returns. Another key highlight of this service is the quality of packaging as Google Shopping uses ecological packaging to safely transport both perishables and goods with long shelf life, while also bringing down the amount of plastic used.